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When it comes to upgrading your ride, come to Progressive Auto Sounds.  We provide the best brands in the area as well as incredible custom installations. Our installation costs are affordable, which means you can get the car stereo system you've always wanted.


Since 1988, we have been giving customers on Oahu the best guaranteed service for their car's audio and video needs. Come visit our state-of-the-art showroom today.  We'll always do the job right the first time.

Incredible Audio for Your Ride


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We specialize in high-end custom installations using the best products in the industry.  Come check out our state of the art showroom and see for yourself just how amazing your ride can be.



In order for our staff to properly ensure an accurate quotation, it is necessary to visually inspect the vehicle as well as the equipment being installed.  We will be checking for fitment, compatibility, and will also be checking that all essential pieces for the installation are in stock.

A basic alarm is defined as an alarm system that will monitor your doors, trunk, impact sensor, LED, siren, 2 remote controls, and panic.  Although this is the basis for all alarm systems, it surely will not provide adequate protection for most vehicles!  The simple answer is – basic protection will protect your vehicle from the basic threat of break in’s, however, most thieves are not going to purposely set off an alarm.  The more attention they draw, the greater the chances of them getting caught.

Our trained staff will help guide you through the process of choosing which piece or pieces of equipment will provide the best level of performance.  You will be able to touch, feel, and hear exactly what you are planning on owning BEFORE you make a commitment!  How many times have you heard of someone purchasing on line and NOT getting what they expected?  How about buying something that didn’t really fit?  We’ve designed our showroom to help you make the right decisions before you buy.

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