About Us

Progressive Auto Sounds has been Hawaii’s Premiere Car Audio Company has been serving Oahu since 1988. For over 30 years, this is not a combined number – this is the actual amount of time we have been in business! Those who expect the absolute best workmanship and installation understand this level of work takes experience and pride. From a simple alarm installation to a full blown competition system, we take the time to explain what you should expect and how we’ll get you there. We guarantee our work and take pride in doing the job right the first time. Quality isn’t expensive, mistakes are.

Auto Security & GPS

Your vehicle is your second largest investment besides your home. Why take chances with a “basic alarm” when thieves are getting more and more desperate. The level of protection absolutely needs to match the level of threat and potential loss. Most basic alarms do just that – basic protection! We would be happy to install a simple system but that doesn’t mean it has to be basic or “inadequate”. There are many factors in choosing an alarm but taking a little time to analyze your habits and risk factors certainly out way replacing lost items or worse a stolen vehicle!

For those who cannot afford to lose their company work vehicle or collectable car, we offer several levels of GPS tracking to provide 24/7 monitoring of your assets. A simple work truck can carry thousands of dollars in tools which simply cannot be removed on a daily basis. Not to mention the down time trying to replace industry specific tools which will certainly result in lost work and revenues.

Repairs & Maintenance
Car Audio, Video & Navigation
From OEM integration to show quality installations, we can design a system to provide any level of audio improvements. From simple stereo and speaker replacement to “blow the roof” concert sounds, we will take the time to design a system to best serve your needs. With a virtually unlimited amount of features ranging from in car navigation, iPod integration, blue tooth hands free operation, rear seat entertainment, and back up assistance. The level of upgradeability depends only upon your personal needs! Our technicians are versed in wood working, acrylic, interior lighting, paint, and fiberglass fabrication. The only limitation is your imagination!
Reputable Workmanship

There is a certain level of pride necessary to do what we do, simply put – we love what we do! There are a lot of shops that try but the level of knowledge and expertise necessary to provide the type of work that we offer is simply not available because it cannot be bought or purchased. It is this passion that has continually kept us going and keeps our clients coming back year after year. It’s easy to claim good customer service – it’s another thing to deliver! Let us show you why we are Hawaii’s Premier Audio Company!

To learn more please contact us by filling out a contact form or feel free to give us a call at (808) 486-8847 during business hours. Mahalo!