Frequently Asked Questions
Progressive Auto Sounds is happy to answer any of your questions regarding products and installation. Come down to our showroom to get a feel of the best equipment for your vehicle.

One of the most common questions we receive is “how much is it to install…”

  • In order for our staff to properly ensure an accurate quotation, it is necessary to visually inspect the vehicle as well as the equipment being installed.  We will be checking for fitment, compatibility, and will also be checking that all essential pieces for the installation are in stock.
  • Many vehicles require additional kits, harnesses, and adaptors.  There are often several options depending on the type of system the vehicle is already equipped with.  There are often issues with “fitment” or compatibility that cannot be determined without seeing your equipment and vehicle:  Where are we mounting the tweeters?  Where is the amplifier going?  What size wire does the amplifier require?  Are the steering wheel controls going to be used?  Is there a blue tooth microphone?  Is there a navigation antenna?
  • We are also capable of building or performing a “custom” installation, there are several different variations in our gallery.  The time involved in this type of installation can be counted in days rather than hours!  Although watching the last episode of Pimp My Ride shows the crew doing a fully customized installation in a ½ hour, the amount of time to build, paint, upholster, and wire a show system is far from that!  Not only do we need your guidance and feedback, we will also let you know what will and won’t fit in your car.

Hopefully this explains why we can’t quote “how much is it to install…”

We get this question DAILY! Although it may seem like a simple question, here are some of the reasons it really isn’t that simple…

A basic alarm is defined as an alarm system that will monitor your doors, trunk, impact sensor, LED, siren, 2 remote controls, and panic. Although this is the basis for all alarm systems, it surely will not provide adequate protection for most vehicles! The simple answer is – basic protection will protect your vehicle from the basic threat of break in’s HOWEVER! Most thieves are not going to purposely set off an alarm, why would they? The more attention they draw, the greater the chances of them getting caught!

The type of alarm features that we often recommend to improve your level of protection depend on the type of vehicle you drive as well as the exposure your vehicle has to the possibility of theft . What I mean by this is simple…

If you drive a Honda/Acura, you are already in need of a higher level of protection since your car has a greater risk of theft than any other. Secondly, if you park on the road or are forced to park farther away in a structure, you are also at risk since thieves look for easy targets! As funny as it sounds, vehicles driven by teenagers are often at an even higher risk since the driving habits include leaving the vehicle outside of schools, malls, beaches, and are usually full of “cool” stuff like iPods, Oakleys, CD’s, backpacks…

SO, the answer to the question – “how much is a basic alarm?” is $300 installed but the answer to “how much is an alarm that will adequately protect my car?” is a lot more involved! We have a thorough worksheet describing exactly what and how we can protect your car but will often need 20 minutes to completely cover all of the features and reasons we recommend more than just “basic” features!

Shopping for a security or audio/video system over the phone or the internet are sure ways to be disappointed. No manufacturer in their right mind would describe their products as cheap or inferior but without the ability to touch, feel, or hear the product – how can you be sure you’re making the right choice?

Our trained staff will help guide you through the process of choosing which piece or pieces of equipment will provide the best level of performance. You will be able to touch, feel, and hear exactly what you are planning on owning BEFORE you make a commitment! How many times have you heard of someone purchasing on line and NOT getting what they expected? How about buying something that didn’t really fit? And have you ever tried to have something serviced that was purchased online? Well that’s if you can get in touch with the company that so easily took your money…

We’ve designed our showroom to help you make the right decisions before you buy! Don’t wait until after you’ve received the product to realize you’ve made a mistake!

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Alene E.
Aiea, HI

Awesome customer service from Bill and the crew. Bill help me plan out my next build for my 2020 Tacoma with the difficult JBL premium sound system.